Digital Software Licensing

“Trust is never broken and always verified”

Neocor's solutions help companies maximize the value of software licensing.

Our platform gives software companies a modern platform to track and trace software licenses and can help to improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Enterprises can use our solutions to automate software asset management, make better software licensing decisions, improve compliance and lower risks and costs.

Why companies choose Neocor.

Technology Expertise

We have hands-on experience with various software distribution, software monetization, lifecycle and acquisition methods, including sales and sourcing of on-premise, SaaS and cloud software.

Accelerate Digital Innovation

We provide a state of art platform using blockchain and advanced technologies including AI, and full consulting services for assessment and implementation of transformational solutions.

Gain Business Insights

Our solutions can help you reduce the effort of inventory control, optimize licenses and maximize your potential with business process automation.

"There are many advantages to using blockchain technology for software licensing, including improved accuracy by removing the friction, and decentralization that makes it easy to share record of ownership and location.
-Brent Thompson
Tech Reviewer
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