Digital Software Licensing and IT Asset Management

Predict the Future

Neocor Fusion Ledger is a cloud based solution that enables you to support multiple software license models. 

Computing is evolving constantly.

Your management tools should too.

We offer software publishers the tools they need to compete and win in a rapidly changing environment. Say goodbye to software audits, and hello to a smart compliance approach.

That means total visibility and greater accuracy with less effort, no matter how complex your software licensing and subscription polices are.

The future of on demand licensing is faster, autonomous, and more connected than ever.

Building a network of trust.

Finally, a single place for managing all your software license lifecycles.

For all stages from contracting to assignment, use, and retirements.

We synchronize and track all transactions using cryptography, across departments from sales, license management, customer sourcing, IT management to end users and store a tamper-proof record.

When a person on the network asks for a change, it processes autonomously using business logic stored in smart contracts, preventing fraud.

Contract Management

The platform allows software publishers to easily manage customer contracts, organize orders, generate reports, automate renewals and more.

IT Asset Management

Efficiently manage and track your hardware and software assets within your organization including financial, inventory, and use, to support lifecycle and decision making in a secure, centralized location.

Built by people who know your industry.

From startups to large enterprises, on premise to cloud, spreadsheets to traditional SAM solutions, we’ve been where you are.

Neocor differentiates itself through an innovative approach, modular and flexible solutions, and unique industry capabilities for reducing risk and improving value of IT assets.


A new standard for information exchange to enable greater interoperability between IT companies and customers to transact with each other.

Automated compliance management

The first fully permissioned, highly secure blockchain and DLT infrastructure for fully compliant, digital software licensing and IT asset management.

Join the all-in-one network empowering the IT ecosystem.

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