Simplified Software Licensing and IT Asset Management

Never settle for less trust

Autonomous solutions for Software Licensing and IT Asset Management

Tamper Proof , Distributed - because traditional SAM is not enough to ensure license compliance

Neocor Fusion Ledger is a unified set of cloud solutions that span contracts, licensing, asset management and tracking, connects with your external partners, while also delivering advanced intelligence and insights.

The future standard for contracts

We have created a new and simpler way for IT agreements to be digitally completed, issued, processed and executed in minutes.

Work seamlessly with your network

We deliver an integrated system that enables software publishers and enterprises to connect, share data securely, and autonomously records and tracks licenses from order to end user.

Advanced technology

Unlike common IT asset management systems approach to storing records, Fusion Ledger utilizes cryptography. We provide a unique and secure way to track and trace transfer of licenses and IT assets using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Modular & flexible solutions

Our technology is powered by smart contracts and can be tailored to fit your business rules and workflows. An ID mechanism helps improve trust, remove friction, and prevent fraud.

The sectors we serve

Our solution is built to meet a changing world. We understand the requirements of various industries, major software vendors and cloud providers’ and provide support for traditional on premise, remote working, and subscription licensing rules

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