Software Licensing Solutions

Welcome to Neocor

The modern way to automate your software license management from distribution to use. 

Actionable Insights

A new way to think about software licensing.

Fusion Ledger, Neocor's cloud solution, puts you in control of your license subscriptions, entitlements and provides accurate insights to usage. Enabling you to simplify management of contracts, billing and improve compliance and protection.

Next Gen Technology

A drive towards transparency.

The number of different systems, processes and technologies used to manage software licenses is almost too large to comprehend.

Finally processes including negotiations support and procurement can be connected via blockchain to build trust and confidence between customers, suppliers and auditors.

Software License Management

Fusion ledger gives you a way to govern contracts, track software licenses and entitlements using Smart Contracts and blocks that are linked together using cryptography.

Software Asset Management

Our platform empowers you to search catalogs, assign software licenses to users, manage locations and reconcile costs.

Digitize your product with us

Fusion Ledger's built-in optimization bot, reduces the complexity of large scale license operations. By combing through customer and contract data, Neobot discovers performance-boosting opportunities, helping license managers maximize the impact of their efforts.

The product sale for a software license, along with it's proof of activation and important acceptance of end user rights are stored in a immutable record and fully verifiable and traceable manner using Blockchain technology.

Distributed Ledger Technology

A secure network to manage and securely exchange license information using Distributed Ledger technology DLT, enabling greater interoperability for its members.

Immutable Records

To speed transactions, a set of rules — called a smart contract — is stored on the blockchain and executed automatically. No participant can change or tamper with a transaction after it’s been recorded to the shared ledger.

Manage software licenses faster

Get unparalleled speed and flexibility throughout your entire value chain with collaboration between Engineering, Sales, License Management, Support and Legal– all on the first solution using blockchain technology.