Automate your software licensing and management

Decentralized Ledger for Software Licensing

A consortium blockchain network for both software companies ISVs and enterprises

Our solution gives software companies a modern platform to digitize and track software licenses and a smart way to gain visibility to where it is being used.

Our software asset management (SAM) solution offers enterprises a way to optimize spend across software programs on desktops to the cloud. The solution is designed to eliminate the need for audits and manual inventorying.


Enables software companies and enterprises to interact and contract over a private network.

Contracts Application

It provides complete contract lifecycle transparency and automates license reconciliation for all parties.

Software Distribution

The distributed database offers secure access to a single version of the truth to all participants in software licensing.

"There are many advantages to using blockchain technology for software licensing, including improved accuracy by removing the friction, and decentralization that makes it easy to share record of ownership and location.
-Brent Thompson
Tech Reviewer
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