3 Tips for Managing Software Contacts

One of the growing concerns found across large businesses is the increasing risks that come with ownership and multiple uses of software licenses. Maintaining license compliance is essential for businesses to maintain access and continued use of the software. In order to maintain an action against these risks, implementing Software Asset Management is critical for managing and utilizing current and future users.

In recent years, software manufacturers have taken to conducting software audits as a way to assess the users at these enterprises and upsell additional user accounts as a way to maintain license compliance. Unfortunately, this can go overlooked by compliance officers, leaving these users at risk for malware infections caused by unlicensed software. It has been suggested that most businesses and organizations are utilizing over 30 percent in unlicensed software daily. There are ways to properly manage software contacts while maintaining license compliance.

1. Develop a Repository of Secured Contracts

Your enterprise should have a solid record of user accounts that include essential data on business devices in addition to the cloud. This includes all personal computers, tablets, and smartphones that are affiliated with you. Having this repository provides an opportunity to intervene and prevent any complications before they arise. These contracts include vital information that is to remain secure at all times and readily accessible within your business devices. Software transactions are complex, time consuming and involved parties have limited control of the distributed information. By digitizing the transactions and using Blockchain technology we can make them secure, faster and less costly. Blockchain is a distributed database, everyone in the network has access to the same information. But no one can manipulate the information. Only individuals with verified identities can add information to the blockchain. By using blockchain and consensus the information flow throughout the network is more transparent making it easier to verify information. Another benefit of the ledger is uncovering and detecting potential fraud. Being part of the network further provides the parties a way to automate transactions.


2. Manage Software Misuse

Unfortunately, all staff members in these enterprises may not be aware of the potential misuse of software. It is essential that employees unanimously become educated on exactly what their software does and how it is to be used properly. Understanding and maintaining compliance is central to maintaining safety and security and should be treated as such to unsuspecting employees. Upon the completion of training, it is highly recommended that they acknowledge their understanding of this compliance with signature confirmation.

3. Take Advantage of Software Management Tools

Although you have provided training regarding compliance, it is pertinent to take management to the next level with software management tools. By utilizing these tools, your company could take advantage of savings up to 30 percent annually with software costs. Most manufacturers highly suggest and offer discounts for these tools that look to guarantee license compliance. These tools supersede contracts and have the capability to include license management, financial management, and license optimization if necessary.
Software security is critical in order for your company to operate successfully. Many businesses have lost valued clients and consumers due to unlicensed software. When license compliance is compromised, so is the data stored either on the devices or the cloud. Unlicensed software leaves room for security breaches that will severely impact your overall reputation with current and future consumers.

With the use of modern SAM tools, you have the ability to take control of your license compliance and maintain the premium level of security. Many of these premium audits can be expensive and time consuming and require engaging an independent 3rd party auditor.


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