About Neocor Technologies

By bringing together intelligent software we help you become less reliant on manual processes and better prepared to improve software licensing and IT Asset Management.

Our Story

Our story began after years of watching organizations struggle with distributing software licenses and reconciling usage. We launched Neocor to offer solutions for the industry and pave the way to streamline business using a shared ledger. In 2020, we launched Fusion Ledger for organizations to manage software licenses and IT assets.

Our Company

Neocor Technologies is a startup company, specializing in emerging technology to effectively automate software asset management. Our team has decades of experience in building and leading technology companies and domain expertise in IT asset management.

Why We're Different

We think software asset management should take place in a decentralized environment and leverage AI. Information about transactions should be digitized and not stored in siloed databases. We are building expertise in Blockchain Networks and Distributed Ledger Technology to help our customers leverage the benefits and make it possible to make more informed decisions.

Our tech stack

Neocor’s developers created a scalable platform and work with a full range of programming languages, business automation tools, blockchains, forks, Dapps, and smart contracts.








Google Cloud Platform

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