Contract Management

Removing the complicated out of contracts

Figuring out enforcing use rights or compliance clauses? We've got you covered.


Deliver a frictionless customer and supplier experience.

Prevent disputes and improve compliance using the same version of an agreed upon self executing contract which cannot be altered.

Proactively monitor IT contracts and subscriptions, allowing you to take control of purchase, licensing, maintenance and warranty agreements, allowing you greater flexibility.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets and audits, and hello to a smarter contract approach.

Digitize all of your of paper-based contracts and automatically store them on the platform, using a shared ledger. 

Optimize the value of your agreements using sophisticated business logic. Automate compliance with software license entitlements.

Streamline the contracting, sourcing, and billing processes, integrating with other systems, CRM and ERP.

Build Trust

Finally, a single place for all your subscriptions and supplier information.

Places contracts on a shared blockchain database that every permissioned party can securely view and process approvals.

Gives businesses the access to a shared view of the contract repository to manage terms, use rights, clauses, and renewals to reduce risk and improve performance.

Find out about the new era in digital contracts.

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