Neocor Launches Fusion Ledger

Neocor Launches Fusion Ledger™ to Help Manage Software Licenses and IT Assets Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Neocor Technologies today unveiled the company’s newly released Fusion Ledger™, a patent-pending cloud-based software system for managing Software Licenses and IT Assets using a Blockchain Network and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Fusion Ledger redefines how Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) sell and how enterprises manage technology products by providing complete visibility to all software licenses and IT asset inventory on a shared ledger. Computer hardware, IoT, device manufacturers, ISVs and enterprises can now have full traceability of all technology products through the supply chain.

Currently, companies have a lot of choices when selecting solutions for software licensing and managing IT assets, although most of these options are antiquated, rely on outdated processes and much of the data is not shared between the parties involved. With this new technology, companies can improve compliance, take the guesswork out of tracking deployments, optimize assets, and avoid audit fees and penalties. We are confident this is going to be especially appealing given the current environment as businesses shift more parts of their workforce to a protracted period of remote work.

Now available to early adopters for conducting a proof of concept (POCs), key elements of Neocor Technologies’ new Fusion Ledger include:

  • Contract Management – Fusion Ledger digitizes paper-based processes and enables software publishers and enterprises to easily manage contracts, products, devices, inventory, and other relevant information, whether applications are deployed on desktops, facilities, on-premise servers or the cloud.
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) – The new software assigns a unique part ID that minimizes data discrepancies and reduces the time spent by administrators to manually process assignments, track and trace installations, and monitor usage. Such advancements give customers better visibility to deployment and inventory throughout the lifecycle and enables them to identify how many new assets will be needed in the future.
  • License Entitlements – Fusion Ledger introduces a simpler and quicker way for users to document, record, store, and enforce entitlements and use rights for just about any form of technology and software license models including perpetual, subscription, concurrent, node, floating and consumption.
  • Serverless – The Fusion Ledger application is a web-based service requiring just a browser and runs on both a Google Cloud Platform and a decentralized Ethereum Platform.

“Neocor Technologies’ new Fusion Ledger, thanks to the underpinning blockchain technology, offers a true ‘win-win’ scenario, allowing software publishers and enterprise SAM teams to streamline processes and work much more efficiently together,” added Jeremy Boerger, Advisor and ITAM expert. “By having real-time access to the history of all transactions on a shared ledger, no reconciliation work would be required, while removing the risk of errors, reducing unnecessary costs and improving overall compliance.”

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