• Reduce risk and generate huge cost savings

    Secure, scalable and intelligent

  • Minimize disruption caused by vendor audits

    Everything you need to get a 360 degree visibility to asset utilization

Innovative Platform specifically designed and developed for Software License Management using Blockchain Technology

The Platform saves time, money and resources and helps publishers manage distribution and provides enterprises with unparalleled functionality to enforce compliance among businesses

Key Features

Built using state of the art technology and comes with all of the functionality to keep active track of enterprises software, licenses and contracts and monitor usage across customers and end users.

Decentralized Application

Provides decentralized consensus through smart contracts using tamper-proof digital signatures and cryptographic algorithmic programming

Private Distributed Ledger

Because it is private, it is only accessible to trusted entities in your network

Highly Customizable

Stay current on best practices to meet current and future business needs

Smart Contracts

With the help of blockchain, issuing and control of software licenses becomes more automated

Google Cloud Platform

Fully managed serverless platform, available on demand, designed to scale

Audit Manager

Provides for real time visibility into an effective license position (ELP) and gain an understanding the inventory of all our iT assets