Software Asset Management

Gain complete visibility of your software and IT asset landscape

Easing the pain of software asset management

Neocor Fusion Ledger™ delivers a Software Asset Management solution that enables companies to gain control of IT spending and manage assets better in one secure central place

Keep a record

Allows you to reduce cost and limit the organization’s risks in software entitlements, usage, deployment, decommission and overall compliance.

Consolidate all licensing entitlements from enterprise license agreements, purchases and other records to ensure software compliance and minimize audit risks.

Can help you identify unused software licenses and recommend appropriate license harvesting and reassignment.

Ensure compliance with complete visibility 

You can perform reconciliation of contracts, purchase, and entitlement information with normalized inventory data.

Allows you to track changing software license structures. 

Provides consumer centric shopping catalog to end users

Software spend optimization

Gain better visibility into your organization’s software licenses across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS environments and identify unused programs.

Easily calculate your license usage and automatically reconcile Effective License Position (ELP) reports.

You can use it to more accurately forecast your software license needs and future investments. 

Avoid risk of non compliance of programs hosted in AWS, Oracle, Azure and Google cloud computing environments. 

Maximize your savings

Benefits of a digital and more pragmatic approach to software asset management include:

10 %
Cost Savings
50 %
Audit and penalties
0 %
improved utilization

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