IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

It is all about visibility of hardware, software and other technologies

Complete Visibility

Make better purchases with detailed inventory insights.

With comprehensive information of all your IT asset inventory, plus detailed information on tracking of the full lifecycle of each item from requisition to retirement, cost and location.

You can stay updated and informed of all assignment, deployment and warranty data to improve budgeting and make better purchase decisions.

Easily gauge consumption and predict optimal inventory levels based at the item level predictions across each location- server, cloud, data center and workstations.


Complete your requests in minutes.

Automate requests across your organization for IT assets with Neocor Fusion Ledger.

An employee / end user begins the request process by filling out the form online and selecting a product from the customizable catalog.

Request manager routes the request for approvals and enforces policies using workflow rules, saving you time.


Tackle the problem with inconsistent and incomplete information, to enable better IT support operations.

One record for everyone to work from provides accurate, consistent decision support data for your stakeholders including finance, legal, procurement and IT for your entire IT landscape.

We remove the time-consuming process by standardizing and normalizing your hardware and software data, reconciled to your order and purchase information, enabling the information to be shared with your suppliers and 3rd party systems, such as Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Zoho Desk.

Maximize your savings

Benefits of a digital and more pragmatic approach to IT Asset Management include:

10 %
Cost Savings in first year
1 %
Savings in each subsequent year
0 %
improved Asset utilization

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