Software License Management

Digital software licensing and compliance solution

Manage your software licenses with a platform and digitize your processes with software customizable to your exact needs

Neocor Fusion Ledger covers all aspects of software license management from contract management, digital key management, tracking and compliance.

Simple to use

You can eliminate a huge amount of guesswork in recording activations, verifying use, and discovering installs. Everything is stored and tracked electronically on a shared ledger. 

Support for multiple license models

It can monitor and track license usage statistics, and offers the functionality to support trials, subscriptions, on demand, feature, embedded, floating, concurrent and user based licensing. 

Automated support for multiple platforms and various license options such as concurrent, workstation, desktop, hardware servers, mobile and IoT devices deployed on premise and in cloud environments. 

Improve customer experience

Fusion Ledger provides insights and control of software use thereby reducing audit costs and risks while improving compliance with software entitlements. 

In addition, it offers the ability to protect against software piracy. 

Maximize your savings

Discover the benefits of using Neocor Fusion Ledger

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Reduced administrative costs

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