Software License Management

Manage and optimize Software Licenses in one place

It's a new way to track and trace licenses and facilitate stronger compliance

Progress Reporting

Eliminate the hassle of managing licenses.

Maintain a centralized and detailed repository of all historical information of licenses and inventory. 

Easily configure software categories from data center applications to end user applications.

Store and maintain software entitlement information for a variety of vendor license models such as trial, user-based, device-based, floating, named users, core-based, processor-based, concurrent user, site-based and limited term enterprise licenses.

Better Workspace

Keep eyes on your inventory around the clock and across the organization.

Track costs for all software licenses and assets and movement through the organization.

Centralize and simplify POs across your suppliers and software publishers.

Produce reconciliation reports comparing entitlements with inventory data for each software based on license terms and conditions.

Minimize spending using reports that analyze the balance of licenses purchased to actual license consumption.

Improve Compliance

Make tracking software licenses as easy as checking a web page.

Know where your software programs and subscriptions are by organization, department, desktop and individual, and whether used in the cloud, on premise, or unused.

Integrated with the contracts repository to ensure assignment and usage meet license entitlement and compliance specifications.  

Revoke and transfer individual permissions and license keys to apps to stay compliant.

Uncover shadow IT and unauthorized applications to remove risks and potential audit penalties.

Maximize your savings

Discover the benefits of using Neocor Fusion Ledger

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Uplift in revenues
10 %
Improved SW Utilization
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Reduced administrative costs

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