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Product Overview

NeocorBlock provides a wide range of functions you can use to automate your end to end processes for software license management. It enables you to support a large scale environment with an increasing number of applications and licensing models.

Key Applications

Contract Management

License Management

Software Asset Management

License Intelligence  

Inventory & Software Recognition

Key features

Custom dashboards for license inventory control and optimization

Cryptographically secured database of product information

Add clients to the network and monitor software distribution

Adjustable access permissions for different member groups

A single permissioned ecosystem for selected participants

All transactions are transparently visible and secure in a shared ledger

Valid audit trails, with every asset linked to a unique ID

A single and shared database for user credential info


Our tech stack

Neocor’s developers created a scalable platform and work with a full range of languages, business automation tools, blockchains, forks, Dapps, and smart contracts.








Google Cloud Platform

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